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Written by John Daskas.

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Senior Vice President Brand Management
        Int'l Marketing Experience Required

As the industry leader in the rapidly evolving global digital higher education market, my client provides critical services to public and private university partnersglobally. The company’s mission, to increase consumer access to high quality, post-secondary educational degree programs through/for partner universities and colleges, is being realized in the current revolution of online learning that delivers quality education, student experience, accreditation and job placement preparedness.
My client assists state and private university partners globally in converting credential programs to online platforms and provides recruiting, enrollment and retention services of qualified students. Some current clients include: Arizona State University, University of Texas at Arlington, Arkansas State University, Ohio University, Purdue University, Texas A&M and 30 additional university programs.

My client is funded by a leading private-equity firm, and governed by an impressive board of directors which includes several leaders in the education sector.

The client focuses on assisting universities to become front-runners in distance learning, broadening their geographic reach to include global opportunities and enrollment. This provides the institutions with a significant incremental source of higher margin tuition revenues in a time of shrinking governmental funding. The company’s strategy centers on signing long-term agreements with its partners to help them distribute high demand degree programs. To date those programs have been in education, healthcare, business, bachelor’s degree completion, and criminal justice. Typically, the contractual arrangements allow my client to receive a share of the tuition collected from students participating in the programs, while the Universities benefit from a rapid program deployment that significantly increases capacity, enrollment and revenue with minimal capital investment.

Critical Market Developments:

State universities nationally are facing more major budget challenges (layoffs, program cuts, tuition hikes, campus closings) due to major reductions in state funding, forcing the immediate need for inexpensive online alternatives to deliver degree programs in order to maintain the viability of the institutions. 
  • New State and Federal mandates are now requiring university students to complete a percentage of classes via online instruction for degree accreditation.  
  • Higher educational institutions globally are racing to embrace scalable online learning, considering it the biggest disruptive innovation in education in over a century.
  • Top-quality online learning platforms can enable budget-strained universities in America to
  •  “flip” their classrooms; downloading the world’s best lecturers on any subject while allowing their own professors to concentrate on working face-to-face with students
  • Decline of large, high-priced, for-profit schools.

The Position:

The position is will lead and direct the company’s marketing efforts for new and existing programs, and oversee all aspects of such programs – including student recruitment, enrollment and retention. Reporting to the CMO, the SVP will develop and implement new and existing high-quality, scalable and marketable programs that generate revenue for the organization. Implementing and maintaining robust systems, processes and infrastructure to support scalable growth while creating, managing and owning full P&L responsibilities through data-based reporting for all programs. This leadership role works at all levels embracing a hands-on style – and is ultimately accountable for the performance of all of our University partners and programs.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Lead and direct existing and new programs, including:
  •   Oversee all functions related to the existing and new programs including operations, sales, marketing, development and other support functions.
  •   Develop and own enrollment and revenue goals for partners/programs. Establishes marketing/sales strategies to achieve goals. Allocates program-specific marketing budgets, in coordination with VP of Lead Generation and Brand Management to ensure proper lead flow. 
  • Contribute to the development and realization of the organization’s strategic plan and revenue goals
  • Create and manage budgets for each program with P& L responsibility.
  • Manage staff to ensure the highest levels of performance and efficiency. Clearly defines roles, responsibilities, standards and expected outcomes. Selects, trains, mentors and provides performance guidance to staff. Performs other management administrative functions.
Develop and implement high-quality marketable programs to generate revenue for the organization, including:
  •  Work closely with academic partners, internal resources including operational resources and customers to conceptualize, model, design and implement programs that generate revenue and deliver value to students.  
  • Ensure that applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements are met.  
  • Work closely with the marketing department to determine marketing program messages and content.
  •  Maximize the effectiveness of marketing programs and m resulting in dramatic enrollment growth and student satisfaction.  

Design, implement and maintain robust systems, processes and infrastructure to support scalable growth, including;
  • Create a scalable infrastructure and streamlines processes to drive down key costs such as cost per student lead and cost per enrolled student while maintaining a high quality user experience.
  • Maximize efficiency and minimizes time-to-launch for new partners and programs.
  • Oversee and ensures the accuracy, validity and quality of data, systems and processes.
  • Works closely with regulatory compliance team to ensure the appropriate requirements are met regarding all programs.  
  • Accurately track key metrics including cost per student lead, cost per enrolled student, student retention, call volume and outcomes, etc. Regularly reports on metric attainments. Analyzes metric data including market data to make recommendations to improve the business.  
  • Evaluate and makes recommendations on selection of vendors and tools.  
  • Continually evaluate and improve systems, processes and procedures to maximize effectiveness, results and information.  
Provide leadership to internal teams during the launch of all new University partners and programs in order to grow the business and generate additional revenue, including;

  • Work with Partner Integration and Programs teams, COO, CIO and Divisional VPs to add new university partners / programs and further expand programs, degrees, markets and partnerships to grow the business.
  • Build out team to address client growth strategy and ensure highest levels of performance and efficiency.  
  • Collaborate with academic partners and other organizations to continually expand offerings after conducting in depth marketing research to prove demand of such offerings.  
  • Research and understand target market for each program. Develop new strategies to expand market.  
  • Solicit input from internal sources including sales, executive management and business development regarding growth opportunities.  
  • Analyze and assimilates internal, external and trend data to identify opportunities for profitable growth and expansion.  
  • Partner with required entities to implement expanded offerings.  

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